‘Tomorrow: 32 and bathers … I feel a sickie coming on’. What began in 2002 as a text message between friends and an excuse to cut work soon turned into a daily email shared between tens of thousands of like-minded Michis around the world.

More than a decade later Michi continues to grow in the spirit she was founded, working with nice and talented friends to create everything from books to products for her shop, as well as new websites that make online shopping easier (bonjour Le Shop Guide).

Fashion may have changed but good taste and the overwhelming desire to work from the pool hidden behind a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses remain.

Michi Girl


Your guide to the best online shops

Le Shop Guide is a curated selection of the best online shopping. Shops are selected for their unique product offering, design, customer service, shipping and sometimes just because we like the look of their look-book models.

New shops are added frequently and you can filter your search to find exactly what you’re looking for. Or if you’re just looking for some new shopping inspiration, you can browse through the hundreds of featured stores. A bit like walking down a really great street but slightly less exhausting.

Le Shop Guide is curated by Michi Girl and her team of well-heeled editors. Shops can’t buy their way in, so if you find it here you know it’s gold. If you love shopping online this is le guide for you.


Michi Girl


Want to connect your brand with a well-heeled audience? Of course you do, who doesn’t want to hang out with the cool kids? Want to advertise your amazing sale, fabulous job, or spill the beans on that guy who’s selling real miu miu out the back of a truck? Then email me my friends and I’ll make sure my people get in touch with your people. While I don’t have your standard banner ads, I’m sure I can help in some way.

Or maybe you just want to tell me something funny. That would be nice too. Email me at hello@michigirl.com and I’ll do my very best to get back to you soon.


Michi Girl

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